Jason Statham is the LG G5's official Hollywood promoter

It's not unusual for major brands to hire high profile personas to help market their products, even when it comes to smartphones. HTC had its moment with Iron Man, a.k.a. Robert Downey Jr. Lenovo, of course, has Asthton Kutcher. Samsung has had heaven knows how many stars and artists sing its smartphone's praises, one way or another. LG also once had Joseph Gordon-Levitt under its fingers. Its latest ad campaign, however, is somewhat mildly entertaining because if its strangeness. LG has confirmed after the fact that it has indeed acquired the help of Mr. Jason Statham to promote its equally odd LG G5 flagship smartphone.

Most OEMs, HTC and Samsung included, would have probably rushed to promote their high profile, usually Hollywood, marketing ambassador. LG, on the other hand, waited until the last minute. It did tease a video ad a few days ago, and keen observers already noticed the semblance of the main character to Statham. Well, there you have it. LG just confirmed your hunch.

Perhaps even weirder is the fact that LG doesn't actually utilize Statham's well known industry talents, which involves a lot of broken bones and broken props. The actor is popular for action films like The Transporter and The Expendables but here he does nothing but sit and sport a rather disturbing grin.

LG says that the ad, or ads, revolve around the company's theme of "Life's Good when you Play More", which, in turn, plays up to the LG G5's myriad possible uses thanks to its modular design and matching accessories. The G5's multiple personalities will be even more in focus with the main ad that will debut on April 1st, when the LG G5 will launch globally. LG says that every character is portrayed by Statham in a "mise-en-scéne" setup.

If you haven't had your fill of Jason Statham, be sure to check out what LG has in store come April 1.