JanusPA plug & play TOR privacy adapter

Chris Davies - Dec 22, 2008
JanusPA plug & play TOR privacy adapter

If IP anonymity is important to you, and you find yourself using different computers and internet connections on a regular basis, the Janus Team’s new TOR privacy adapter, the JanusPA, could be the solution.  Plugged in-line between either your computer and modem, computer and router, or modem and router, it automatically establishes either a TOR or OpenVPN connection to hide your true IP address.

The adapter is powered either by an external wall-wart AC plug or from the bus power of two USB ports, making it reasonably portable.  Its brain is a Gumstix Connex 400mx motherboard, which you may want to pick up sooner rather than later as the company is planning on phasing them out after December 31st.  Obviously the JanusPA will soon get a casing, too.

All of the settings will be handled by a web interface, and the whole thing is plug & play.  Establishing a secure connection takes no more than 60 seconds.  The Janus Team will be putting up the full schematics, software and everything else soon.

[via Hack a Day]

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