Janus Project - network hackers in a box

Nobody reading this would deny the awesome power of hats, especially their ability to lull people into a state of trusting naivety.  Well, if there's only one thing you develop today then let it be mild paranoia should this fellow, Kyle Williams, approach you.  Yes, he has a friendly hat, but in his bright yellow box is a custom PC called the Janus Project capable of scanning up to 300 wireless networks simultaneously and saving the traffic to its hard-drive, encrypted with AES 256-bit keys.  Using WEP to secure your network?  Well, Janus can use eight wifi cards to break it in less than five minutes.  Ahh, now you feel fear!

Williams sees the military and big corporations as potential customers for his long-range scanning system, to whom the waterproof network monitor could represent a handy portable security system in both passive (monitoring) and active (encryption breaking) roles.  Until then, be on the look-out for a man in a hat with a vivid briefcase. 

Tom's Hardware article [via The Raw Feed]