James Bond 1963 Aston Martin DB5 hits Rocket League, with classy limits

Rocket League announced that on July 29, 2021, they'll have a brand new (old) vehicle available for competitive play. This is the James Bond 1963 Aston Martin DB5, a vehicle that's made a name for itself in all manner of media, almost to the point that we expect it to do battle against the Batmobile. Per the Rocket League announcement, this vehicle will not be free, and it won't be the last James Bond vehicle to be released in the game.

Rocket League released data on this vehicle this week, saying that Q outfitted the machine as "the perfect vehicle for Soccar." The Aston Martin DB5 works with a Silver Birch Paint Finish that's meant to resemble the original color of the Aston Martin. It's fitted with 007's Aston Martin DB5 wheels, and a "Reel Life Decal."

In play, this vehicle has "one-of-a-kind Engine Audio". This means that if you're familiar enough with the movies and/or the vehicle in the real world, you'll be happy to hear how it sounds in Rocket League. It should be legit! Watch the demo video below and see if it makes you wish they made an alternate-reality 007 Rocket League movie – wouldn't that be weird?

The items included with the Aston Martin DB5 "can only be equipped by the Aston Martin DB5." Users must also acknowledge that this legendary vehicle will not be soiled by pitiful alternate items, either. At least, the Aston Martin DB5 "cannot be customized with all item types." You don't just put any slimy parts you want on The Queen's Own wheels. How very dare you!

Starting on the 29th, the James Bond 1963 Aston Martin DB5 hits Rocket League, with baby limits vehicle will be available in the game's Item Shop for 1100 credits. It'll be there for a "limited time before it's gone," and it's only the first in a line of vehicle releases from the brand. It's suggested that "Bond will declassify more of his garage later this year."