Jaguar F-Type SVR Graphic Pack is a no cost option

Jaguar has announced that buyers of the Jaguar F-Type SVR will be able to choose a personalization package for the ride that adds racing-inspired graphic touches. The cool part is that the graphics package is offered at no additional cost. The graphics accentuate the lift and drag reducing aerodynamics of the front bumper and splitter.

Graphics are also added to the carbon fiber active rear wing, and rear venture along with a contrasting grille surround. Graphics on the hood are in a contrasting color and have 575 on them signifying the 575PS power output of the engine.

The graphics are offered in six colors including Yulong White with Firenze Red accents, Santorini Black and Gold, Corris Grey and Ultra Blue, Caldera Red and Black, Ultra Blue and Corris Grey, and Indus Silver and Black. The package also includes sill plates and a plaque on the inside that reads "SVR 575."

The F-Type SVR is an impressive car with a supercharged V8 and a lightweight titanium exhaust. It rolls on wider tires than the normal F-Type with 265/35 R20 front and 305/30 R20 rear tires. The SVR also has stiffer suspension and better handling.

The SVR starts at £112,680 and a version of the car with the graphics pack will be on hand at the Geneva Auto Show. We spent some time driving the F-Type SVR last year and it was a very cool car.

SOURCE: Jaguar