Jack Thompson PS2 mod is snarky genius

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Video game hating ex-attorney Jack Thompson has finally made himself useful, with a copy of his book "Out of Harm's Way" providing the donor housing for a rather nifty PS2 case-mod.  Mattigus of the Halflife2.net forums is the modder in question, who bought a copy of Thompson's book on eBay and stuffed his working PS2 inside.

The book actually came from a library sale on the online auction site, and the library card inside suggests that nobody actually checked it out.  Happily it also means that Thompson didn't receive another royalty check for the sale, though going by the wealth of one star reviews on Amazon – "Jack Thompson writes as if English were a second language to him" – there are plenty of people who actually paid for the book who would like a refund.

A row of pennies stuck to the underside of the front cover provides it with enough weight to keep it closed.  Mattigus' first act on completing the mod was, ironically, playing Grand Theft Auto III. 

[via Kotaku]