Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth headset Hands-on

This week the folks at Jabra are bringing up their game with a brand new Bluetooth headset by the name of Jabra Supreme, and we've gotten the chance to see and hold (but not hear) it at Pepcom during CTIA 2012. This lovely little beast has what appears at first to be a bigger than usual earpiece when you consider the competition, but once you hear the sound and the sound cancellation, Jabra notes, you'll know where all that extra space went. Have a peek at how this futuristic wireless sound machine works!

This headset will be coming out next month from Jabra to add to their excellent lineup of Bluetooth and USB speakers out in the states already. What you've got here is a Bluetooth-connected earpiece, both a speaker for your ear and a microphone, that is, complete with some next-level noise cancellation. The noise cancellation we're told is able to work for both you and the person you're speaking with on the other end of the phone – if you're using this headset to speak with a friend via your Bluetooth-capable phone, that is.

There's a talk button, an easy to use attachment bit to hold this device to your ear, and an on-off switch that couldn't be more intuitive. To switch this device off, just fold up the microphone bar to the speaker. This will also make the device more compact and able to fit in the tiny case that comes with it. Also coming with the pack is a USB dongle that'll fit into your device that's not normally able to work with Bluetooth, converting the signal to work instantly for you and yours.

This device is set to be released for $149 estimated retail price very, very soon. Grab it!