iWork.com to shut down July 31 following MobileMe

The shutdown process has taken years, but Apple's paid cloud service MobileMe was finally closed for good officially on Sunday. Now Apple is starting to remind everyone that iWork's online portal will follow in MobileMe's footsteps and will also be shut down this July 31, 2012. Users should start backing up any work before that date if they ever want to see documents stored there again.

It never really came out of beta, but documents could be shared online using iWork.com since it was introduced in January 2009. iCloud was introduced nearly a year later in October of 2011 with all those features from iWork.com being rolled right into it. And with the future release of Mountain Lion, there won't really be any reason to use iWork.com any longer at all.

Apple sent out an email Monday with instructions on how to download documents. Anyone with an iWork account can sign in before the last day of the month and press the down arrow buttons found beside documents, which can be chosen to be downloaded in Pages '09 format, PDF format or Word format.

[via Ars Technica]