iWallet packs biometrics & Bluetooth alarm to keep your cards safe [Videos]

"There has been a need," so iWallet claims, "for new product innovation in the personal wallet industry for a long time."  Leaving aside sarcasm about whether there's such a thing as the "communal wallet industry", iWallet reckon their eponymous wallet is the solution to identity theft, a carbon-fiber clamshell case secured with a biometric fingerprint scanner and optionally fitted with Bluetooth to act as an alarm.

If the iWallet is taken further than 15-30ft from the Bluetooth device it's paired with, an alarm automatically sounds.  Of course, for day to day use you'll be too busy swiping your finger every time you want to make a payment or grab some cash to think about theft; these things look vaguely cool on the website, but it's a whole lot geekier when you're at the front of a long line of people at the checkout.

As for the price, well, iWallet seem to have partially addressed the worry of being robbed for all your cash by demanding that you give it over to them, instead.  The iWallet starts from $299 and shipments begin December 11th; for an extra $99.95 they'll even engrave your name onto it.

[via Gear Diary]