IUBI introduces GPS-enabled PMP

I wonder how many children will wake up on Christmas morning to find IUBI's new N4300 PMP in their stocking.  They'll like it, I don't doubt – at 19.1mm thick, 200g and sporting a 4.3" display, who wouldn't.  But it'll be a wasted gift, pretty much, because they won't make the most of its in-built GPS navigation on their Chopper, probably won't be able to afford the sizeable SD cards necessary since the N4300 lacks any sort of internal storage, and won't understand the bevy of audio and video standards it supports.  (For the record, we're talking XviD, DivX, Mpeg (1, 4SP), WMV 7-8-9, Mp3, WMA and OGG)

Frankly, buy the kids a PSP and keep the N4300 for yourself. 

N4300, the latest PMP and GPS from IUBI [Akihabaranews]