iTunes Jukebox for physical playlists

Remember CDs?  Remember when setting up a playlist didn't mean clicking to add a few ripped albums but actually involved stacking up a selection of discs and changing them over?  Halcyon days, I'm sure you'll agree.  Well, Zach Eveland and Cory Forsyth certainly thought so, hence the existence of the iTunes Jukebox: an old-fashioned CD rack into which electronically identified jewel cases are slotted, each of which represents a different album stored on the attached computer.

Playing from the top slot downward, the concept has proved ideal for party situations where interaction with the soundtrack is encouraged but interaction with the host's PC is not.  Each case contains a four-colour LED that indicates whether it has been played, is queued up next, is currently playing or has not yet been played.


There's a downloadable schematic and instructions should you be interested in making your own.

iTunes Jukebox [via MAKE:]