iTunes App Stores issues this afternoon: It's not just you

Apple's iTunes U, Mac App Store, Volume Purchase Program, iTunes Store, Apple TV, and App Store all had issues this afternoon. This came after Apple's morning event in Chicago in which the company revealed a new iPad with emphasis on school deployment. In other words, today the folks at Apple had a great morning, but a less-than-super afternoon.

It would appear that system status is in the green for all Apple server-based and general internet-based systems other than those listed. As this article is being written, various Apple systems have switched status. iTunes U went from Down (red) to Issue (yellow), while the iBooks Store went from fully operational to Issue.

It's like the issues at hand have a lot to do with the reveal of a newly updated iPad product available from Apple online. Earlier today in Chicago, Apple showed their newest amalgamation of parts that make up the new iPad with newly-minted access to the Apple Pencil. Announced, too, was a newly expanded set of tools for teachers and students. Think iTunes U, think the Volume Purchase Program (for iPad), think about everything!

UPDATE: In the time it took to write this article, Apple's downtime with iTunes U was resolved. Fun fact: Apple's System Status page is updated in real time, and requires no refresh to see updates as they're pushed. Head over to Apple System Status to see if these issues are still in play when you read this article.

UPDATE 2: iTunes U now has one resolved outage as well as one new issue. It's POSSIBLE the two are related.