iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard Shown Off, Makes Portable Typing Worthwhile

Evan Selleck - Aug 24, 2010
iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard Shown Off, Makes Portable Typing Worthwhile

Bluetooth keyboards aren’t a new market. Even the miniature versions of the portable pieces of tech aren’t all that new, either. But, that’s no reason to ignore them. Especially not the good ones. And while the iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard is new to the market, it’s certainly not the smallest, nor is it the only one to support connections to Sony’s PlayStation 3.

While the main purpose of the iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard may be for Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch, you can obviously see where the possibilities are here. Wit the Bluetooth connectivity, you’re options are almost endless in today’s age. And, at only five- by two-inches, this small gadget could indeed be the way you type out your next email on your mobile device.

It’s a full QWERTY keyboard, with a dedicated row for numbers, and a space key (even if it doesn’t look as big as it probably should be). And as you can see, every key gets used to the best of its ability, with plenty of secondary options for your choosing. As for specifications, they look something like this: support for Bluetooth 2.0 products, with a frequency band of 2.4GHz. There’s a 200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery inside, which should last you about 50 hours of constant usage, or 400 hours of stand-bye time. It supports not only Apple’s iOS, but also Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, and Nokia’s Symbian platforms. No mention of when the device will hit store shelves, but hopefully it’s soon.

[via Gear Diary]

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