i.Tech Virtual Keyboard verdict: tough on those fingers

Chris Davies - Jan 17, 2007

Back in December I asked whether we could find it in ourselves to give the i.Tech Virtual Keyboard a second chance, and it was poor Judie over at Gear Diary who had to put it through its paces. I say “poor Judie” not because she hates playing with sexy gadgets – quite the opposite – but in the name of getting a working, projected keyboard on her desk she’s had to delve far deeper into Bluetooth stacks and the vagaries of Windows service packs than any sane individual would wish on another.

So was it worth her pain and misery and, since I know you’re a cruel soul and care more about how you should spend your hard earned florins, is it something you should go out and buy?

Treo 700 & i.Tech Virtual Keyboard

Well, if you have the right Bluetooth card, running the right Bluetooth software, then it certainly works… although from the sound of it you’d not want to use it all that much. There’s no getting around the fact that battering your fingers against a desk ranks with cuddling up to a pneumatic drill as a bedfellow when it comes to prompting RSI and other aches and pains.

Make sure you check out Judie’s video of the keyboard in action!

The i.Tech Virtual Keyboard Review [Gear Diary]

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