Italy gets Galaxy S III early and attempts to smash it

This week reviewers from several select areas of the world are recieving their Samsung Galaxy S III review units – and private use units, in some cases as well. In one case it appears that Italy has a review unit of the Galaxy S III that they're more than willing to bash up for the good of the public. This particular reviewer appears to have both the Pebble Blue and the white versions of the Galaxy S III and notes that they do have Gorilla Glass 2 protecting them – and that their back panels are more than just a little bit well reinforced.

The video you see below is what writer "MrNameless" calles a "Crash Test". Generally what we see when it's time to check the reinforcement on a smartphone or a tablet is a "drop test" in which an iPad (more often than not) is dropped against some concrete – and shatters thusly. Here we see the fellow bashing the screen with a power plug – bashing the screen with glee!

The most important bit of this whole situation is the fact that Italy does, in fact, have the Blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S III in reviewer's hands. This adds another country to the list of places where you'll actually be able to pick up a Galaxy S III for your own in Pebble Blue while several countries have had quite a bit of trouble getting that particular colorway in stock. New Zealand in-particular appears to have had a massive delay with "20,000 cases" smashed by Samsung – strange stuff. Read about that here:

Meanwhile check the rest of our Galaxy S III news out and get ready for more hands-on looks at the world's next most powerful smartphone!