iSound DIY Apple speakers worthy of Jony Ive

Apple doesn't offer standalone desktop speakers, but if they did you can bet they'd look something like this. Brett wanted a 2.1 speaker system to match his 27-inch LED Cinema Display, and finding nothing he approved of commercially, turned to a CNC machine, hand-built crossovers and some beautifully minimalist design for his own DIY creations.

The original plan had been to integrate a subwoofer into the desk, complete with box paths and a cavity at the back for a USB hub, storage and a power supply. However, that's been pushed back to phase two, and for now there's a regular sub lurking under the table.

A Dayton Audio amp powers the whole system, and the gold finish to the speaker cones – while not exactly in keeping with the grey and black of the general color scheme – do a great job catching the eye. Apple could do a lot worse than borrow the design themselves.

[via Hack a Day]