Is your Galaxy phone a little green? You're not alone

It's apparent that the latest round of Samsung devices in the Galaxy brand universe are popping up with a bit of an issue. This week multiple reports have surfaced with images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with... less than favorable results when displays are turned on.

Per previous speculation, as noted by SamMobile, the issue isn't likely tied only to drivers for Super AMOLED display-toting devices. The Samsung Galaxy S7 appearing with the same situation means there's more at work here than a simple fix for Galaxy Note devices.

The situation appears on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as well as a number of Galaxy S20 devices earlier this year. It would appear, too, that this issue is not relegated to a single processor – as these device have different hardware in that respect.

It may be that the Samsung device lineup simply shows this tint issue most because Samsung sells a sizable enough amount of devices that even a small percentage of units affected would reach critical mass in the media. At the same time, this isn't the first time we've seen the green tint issue on AMOLED displays this year.

Do you see a green tint to your display on a modern smartphone or tablet once your display's brightness is low? Does this affect your day-to-day use of said device? Let us know! Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the tint issue as it's appeared earlier this year on Samsung and Apple devices. NOTE: These may not be the exact same issues, mind you – but they are both green, on AMOLED displays – that's enough of a connection for investigation for sure!