Is Google Glass Really Worth It?

Google Glass is all the talk in the wearable technology industry. The headset, which will be work as glasses and allows users to do everything from get directions to snap photos and capture video, is arguably the most exciting device to be entering the technology space.Wearables are new to quite a few folks. Although they've seen (and perhaps used) pedometers or those wristbands that track their movements, the average customer has never really thought about wearing glasses that would allow for communication and all of the other features Glass boasts. And thanks to some smart marketing on Google's part, quite a few people are now saying that they'd jump at the chance to buy Google Glass when it hits store shelves.

But I'd ask all of those people to truly consider what they're saying. Yes, Google Glass appears to be a nice-looking device for those who don't mind wearing an oddly shaped lens on one eye, but for the rest of us walking around town, doing so doesn't exactly tell the world that we're the most fashionable people.

Aside from that, I just don't see the value in all that Google is promoting with Glass. Sure, it'd be nice to look at directions through one lens, and having the ability to snap a photo or record video is great and all, but I can do that with my smartphone. And when I don't want to do any of that, I can just slip my smartphone into my pocket and not worry all that much about it getting damaged.

Google Glass, on the other hand, looks like an expensive, broken piece of tech waiting to happen. As those of us who wear glasses know, it's not that hard for them to get all kinds of screwed up in our pockets or when they fall off the coffee table. When it's a $100 pair of glasses, that's not such a bad thing. But if we're talking about Google Glass, which could be exceedingly expensive, it's a much, much different story. And I just don't see how Google is going to sidestep that issue.

[aquote]Wearable tech is niche, and not even Google can change that[/aquote]

Beyond that, I guess I'm not sold on the whole wearable technology craze. Yes, I know analysts are saying that the marketplace will grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years and billions of dollars will be spent, but I'm not convinced. Save for a few products, wearable technology is still very much a niche product category. And I don't think that even Google can change that.

To me, Google Glass is more a novelty device than something that can truly be groundbreaking in the technology world. It's a neat idea and it's something that I can see people getting excited about, but does it really deliver value in practice? Theoretically, it's cool, but I just don't see it actually appealing to people who want the latest and greatest execution of wearable technology. On that front, I think Google Glass will fall short.

So, I'm not really sure Google Glass is worth it. I suppose I'll be able to make a final decision when I know exactly how much Google Glass costs. But until then, I'm not expecting too much value.