Iron Man 3 theatrical trailer unleashes army of Iron Men

Chris Burns - Mar 5, 2013, 1:28 pm CST
Iron Man 3 theatrical trailer unleashes army of Iron Men

Today is the day we continue the Tony Stark saga with the first full theatrical trailer for Iron Man 3, complete with full views of the main villain, plotline confirmations galore, and a bit of a teaser of what’s sure to be the final battle of the film. This movie contains much contemplation on the part of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark character and some hard decisions made by both he and his associates regarding the defense of the United States of America. To do this, for starters, they’ll be rolling out with Iron Patriot – clad in the stars and stripes of the USA flag on an Iron Man body.

With this trailer comes confirmation of Tony Stark facing off against not just the Mandarin, but the United States of America – again, that is. This is a continuation of the idea that the USA – or entities therein – are not seeing Iron Man as a protective force that should be as private as it is with Stark, but as a weapon that should be integrated into the government’s own forces. Lucky for them, it appears as if a flock of Iron Men appear near the end of the trailer.

This trailer features characters we can assume will be played by the same actors as they were in previous installments of the film. The director is new, this meaning we’ll have a bit of a different approach one way or another, but the cast will be rolling out with a bit more solidity between films than we had between Iron Man 1 and 2. Now that we’re heavy into the success of the film series – and have seen several of the Iron Man characters in the collective Avengers film – we can expect the cast to stay largely the same from here on in.


Meanwhile you’ll be glad to know that the release of Iron Man 3 is still set for May 3rd and will be battling it out with Star Trek Into Darkness without a doubt – that film coming just a couple weeks later into the month. Iron Man 3 is one of several next-generation Marvel Comics films being released in the near future, each of the Avengers grabbing hold of a continuing series well into the next century as well. Stark ahoy!

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