Iron Man 3 mobile gameplay revealed by Gameloft for iOS and Android

Chris Burns - Mar 27, 2013, 1:44 pm CDT
Iron Man 3 mobile gameplay revealed by Gameloft for iOS and Android

Today the next chapter in the Iron Man film saga has been revealed in mobile game form by the folks at Gameloft. This Iron Man 3 game is being targeted for a cross-platform release on the 25th of April, just days before the theater release of the film itself! You’ll be rolling out with an endless runner this time around – or endless shooter, if you prefer that version of the game concept genre.

What you’ll be doing here is blasting your way through a massive amount of metal mayhem with your newest-generation Iron Man suit, nearly all-gold and everything. Tony Stark won’t be stopping around for too much self-reflection in this presentation of the storyline, so don’t expect too much to be revealed about the inner workings of the movie – but there will be some hints and spoiler-like bits and pieces.

As it has been with past Gameloft releases, here we’re going to see a top-notch delivery of a film series translation – this set of developers doesn’t mess around. And by the looks of the gameplay trailer above, they’ve come back with no less than the healthiest dose of metal fist face-bashing action they’ve ever delivered.

Below you’ll see a bit more information about the Iron Man film series including trailers for Iron Man 3. Join us in the first week of May where we’ll be checking out the Iron Man 3 film ourselves – get pumped up to learn more if you don’t end up seeing it yourself on opening night! Also don’t forget to check out our entertainment tag portal for more movie action than you can handle!

[via Android Community]

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