iRobiQ karaoke companion robot arrives in North America [Video]

Chris Davies - May 24, 2010
iRobiQ karaoke companion robot arrives in North America [Video]

If you’re desperate for a robot companion and can’t wait for the open-source Qbo to be detailed to the point where you can build one yourself, muster together $4,600 and you can have an off-the-shelf iRobiQ.  RobotShop are now selling the previously Japan-only Yujin Robot ‘bot in North America; as well as voice recognition, the iRobiQ hooks up to your wireless network and can use its 1.3-megapixel camera to snap and email photos and video.

Video demo after the cut

Interaction is via voice commands and the 7-inch WVGA touchscreen in the iRobiQ’s belly, while there are also various LEDs in the face that can show multiple expressions.  A 40GB hard-drive can be used to store music for karaoke play, plus there are object avoidance sensors and touch sensors.

Battery life is apparently three hours from a charge of the same duration, and you can even have the robot programme the Japanese company’s own automated vacuum cleaner.  iRobiQ is available now, priced at $4,598.

[via Plastic Pals]

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