iRiver S10 is tiny marvel

Chris Davies - Nov 27, 2006

The lovely Jenn over at Pocketables has stumped up the import costs for one of iRiver’s tiny little S10 mp3 players, and is teasing us all with one of the most comprehensive reviews I’ve seen on her site so far.  It might be small but it’s got plenty of features and, according to Jenn’s ears, remarkable sound quality.

At $130 (plus around $30 international shipping) for the 1gb model it’s neither the biggest capacity nor the cheapest DAP, but her conclusion is that the style, straightforward interface and extra features make it worth the outlay.  I think I’ll go and have a look at who is importing it to the UK…

iRiver S10 compared to Creative Zen

Review: iRiver S10 [Pocketables]

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