iRiver PMP Cradle Has One Fatal Flaw

Up until recently I was beginning to believe that iRivercould do no wrong.  In fact, I've recommended the company's products to a few Apple-apathetic friends as a good alternative to the ubiquitous iPod.  The Clix 2is just another kick-ass PMP, as we already know, but one of the more interesting accessories iRiver were offering was the combination cradle/speaker.  Pocketables' Jenn is a big fan of the Clix, and so who better to try out the cradle and see if it's worth the $45.


It's an odd shape, that's for sure – but when you realise that the Clix 2 has its USB and headphone sockets on opposite sides, it makes sense for the cradle to have the layout it does.  I also love the way it holds the PMP at an angle – great for watching videos – and the fact that it has a built-in LiIon battery with 7hr life is super-useful. 

So what's the catch?  Well, I'll let Jenn tell you all the details, but here's a hint: how much do you expect in audio quality from a dinky little 1W speaker?

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