iRiver P35 GUI video demo

iRiver's P35 PMP could possibly be the company's most MID-like device to date, with a 4.3-inch WQVGA touchscreen good not only for audio and video playback but, in the model with WiFi b/g, a full internet browser.  We're still waiting to hear the final judgment on the P35 from a full review, but until then this video demo of the PMP's GUI and functionality will tide us over.Video demo after the cut

To be frank, the P35's GUI looks very similar to the "magazine" style interface iRiver showed us on the P7.  We caught up with that PMP at CES back in January, and you can see our video demo here.  A key difference, though, is the physical scroll-wheel on the P35, carried over from the iRiver SPINN.

The iRiver P35 is available in three versions, from a basic 8GB model, through a 16GB which also has DMB digital TV, and finally a 16GB version with both DMB and WiFi.  It boasts 16hrs audio playback and 8hrs video playback and is priced from the equivalent of $286 in Korea.  No US or European availability details have been released as yet.


[via Portable Alliance]