iriver N20 and WiFi-packing K1 PMPs tipped; Android K2 to follow?

Details of two new iriver PMPs have emerged, courtesy of a post on the iriver forums (currently offline), including a compact MP3 player and a WiFi-toting iPod touch rival.  The iriver N20, shown here, is expected to debut imminently with a 4-line 120 x 56 OLED display and FM radio.

It also manages to squeeze in a four button control panel, and comes with both a neck strap and a wrist strap for easy carrying.  We can't help but think it looks like a 9v battery on a string, but hopefully it'll be a little more convincing in-the-metal.

As for the Apple rival, that's believed to be the iriver K1 (aka the P50) and is tipped to have both a 3.5-inch display and WiFi.  It's also said to be the predecessor to the Android-based iriver K2, though again none of this has been confirmed by the company themselves.

[via PlayerBites]