iriver Android iPod touch rival, plus ebook reader & internet tablet tipped

Details of iriver's upcoming range have leaked, courtesy of an Australian distributor, including such fancies as an Android-based iPod touch rival, an ebook reader and an internet tablet.  The iriver K2 is expected to launch in 2010, with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth and a digital TV tuner; it will also, according to C.R. Kennedy iriver product manager Danny Bejanoff, use Google's open-source Android OS.

Other specifications include an accelerometer and browser, and while the device would obviously lack the iPod touch's App Market, it would presumably have access to the Android Market for third-party software.  However, according to Bejanoff the iriver K2 has not yet been green-lighted, and details such as screen type and onboard storage capacity are unconfirmed.

News of the ebook reader and internet tablet is even more scant, though Bejanoff seems more confident about their reaching the market than he is the K2.  No release dates, prices or complete specifications – never mind word from iriver themselves – for any of the three devices, but we'd sure like to point iriver in the general direction of Creative's Zii department and see what happens.

[via Android Community]