Iris transparent tablet concept, augmented reality meets scanning

Here's a really neat tablet concept that combines a transparent screen with augmented reality capabilities and a scanner. The different ways in which a tablet of this combination can be used seems endless, from purely scanning documents to translating text while hovering over a page to being an easy augmented reality navigation tool.

The Iris tablet concept was created by a group of designers: Liu Wei, Yao Kai Chi, Hong Ruei Hong, and Cheng Ya Fang. Its transparent screen for augmented reality concept isn't competely new, in fact, we've seen Apple file a patent application for something similar. But, to see the idea brought to life in renderings is a lot more exciting than patent diagrams.

The scanning capabilities also aren't far fetched, given the recently shown off LG LSM-100 prototype mouse that has very similar scanning capabilities. The mouse can be easily swiped over documents to scan them and it has it's own neat concept video below. So, the Iris tablet concept is quite plausible for a usable product in the near future.

[via Yanko Design]