iRex DR800SG hits Best Buy online

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Chalk this up under "about time"; iRex have been in touch to tell us that their DR800SG ebook reader is now up for sale at Best Buy.  $399.99 gets you an 8.1-inch 768 x 1024 e-paper display, 3G connectivity and a Wacom active digitizer for note-taking.

Preorder customers – who ordered a DR800SG directly from iRex themselves – started getting their units back in late January 2010.  First impressions were of an excellent quality display with a touchscreen display that doesn't obscure the E Ink panel, while build is strong though leading to a slightly heavy unit as a result.

In-store availability, meanwhile, will be gradually rolled out over the coming months, so if you want to check out the ereader before you lay out the cash it's probably a good idea to call ahead.  A Kindle will be cheaper, but the iRex gets you the flexibility to buy titles from Barnes & Noble, NewspaperDirect and LibreDigital.