iRex DR800SG ebook reader “experience unexpected delays”; no news on a release date

Chris Davies - Dec 18, 2009

What with the battle between the Kindle and the nook, we’d forgotten all about the iRex DR800SG.  First tipped to arrive on the market by October, the 3G-enabled 8.1-inch touchscreen ebook reader is now several months late and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon; according to a company spokesperson, the DR800SG “has experienced unexpected delays” and iRex are not yet announcing a new release date.

iRex have declined to explain the exact nature of the delay, which leaves us unclear as to whether it’s a hardware problem, a content delivery issue or something else.  The ebook reader was to bring together the combined efforts of the Verizon 3G network, Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore, Newspaper Direct and LibreDigital, and – perhaps most valuable of all – prized shelf-space in Best Buy.

For that, iRex were suggesting a price tag of $399.99, though with preorders not yet being taken and no listings – apart from one very short lived product page on the Best Buy site – it’s hard to tell whether they’ve stuck to that price.  That product page, incidentally, suggested the DR800SG would in fact drop for $449, significantly higher than the $259 price of the Kindle or the nook.

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