iPod touch is Apple's Christmas winner; AppStore sales up 4x

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Apple's iPod touch looks to be the Christmas favorite from the company, if preliminary sales figures are anything to go by.  Amazon is showing both the 8GB and 16GB models as the top two media players, while browser marketshare for the WiFi-enabled PMP also leapt on Christmas day from 0.10-percent to 0.21-percent.

Software downloads also increased dramatically over Christmas, with some publishers reporting sales increases of as much as 3x and 4x.  The downloads were predominantly from the US and Canada.

The news has been explained by some as a result of the iPod touch being more readily "gifted" compared to the iPhone 3G.  The former can simply be bought, whereas the latter requires a contract (at least outside of regions such as the UK where pre-pay iPhone 3G's are available). 

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