iPod touch camera prototype hits eBay

Apple's plans to put a camera in the iPod touch have been raked over on numerous occasions – in fact we saw a supposed case design just the other day – and we've even seen a few prototypes in the wild.  Now, though, you can buy your very own iPod touch camera prototype, as long as you don't mind bidding for it on eBay and not actually being able to use the camera functionality.

The prototype for sale doesn't match up with the design the case mockup uses: it has the camera lens in the middle, whereas the more recent renders show the lens pushed all the way to the left-hand side.  Rumors late last year – when we expected to see a camera-toting iPod touch launch at Apple's traditional yearly iPod event – suggested that the company had encountered some sort of hardware issue that sent them back to the drawing board with their design.

Bidding is up to $305 at time of writing, with just over a day and a half left to run.  Bear in mind that, since this particular prototype doesn't have the necessary software for the camera to be functional, you'll only be able to admire the tiny lens, not actually take photos.

[via CrunchGear]