iPod touch 4th Gen, iPad 2nd Gen and unknown device (Apple iTV?) tipped in iOS 4.1 beta leak

What look to be three new pieces of Apple hardware have shown up in an internal build of iOS 4.1, according to details leaked to AppleInsider.  The beta firmware – apparently scheduled for release in a few weeks time – mentions the "iPod 4,1" (a fourth-generation iPod touch), the "iProd 2,1" (tipped to be a significant update to the iPad) and, most mysteriously, a device only listed as "unknownHardware".  It's speculated that the latter could be Apple's upcoming refresh of the Apple TV.

Previous versions of the iPod touch and iPad have been listed as "iPod 3,1" and "iProd 1,1" respectively, with Apple's usual nomenclature suggesting that increases to the prefix number signify material changes rather than more minor updates.  As for the "unknownHardware", that lacks everything but a product ID, which is 20547.

Apple are believed to be readying a refresh of their Apple TV home entertainment device, running iOS and offering integration with the App Store and other benefits.  Tipped to be smaller and cheaper than the current model, the new Apple TV could also get a new name: iTV.