iPod nano & classic unboxed, cracked open

The pipes are filling with unboxing photos of happy users with their shiny iPod nanos and classics, but if you really want some post-launch Apple fun then it's MacNN's unboxing and teardown series that you'll be wanting to see.  Not just a mere stripping from packaging for these guys; oh no, they get so into the unwrapping that once down to the iPod itself they just can't stop.


As an aside, the photos of the new nano with its predecessors was quite a surprise to me.  I hadn't realised its girth had increased so much.  No doubt the bigger screen is a lovely addition, and the reduced length great for shallow pockets, but I can see plenty of people longing for the 2G nano's waif-like form.

Changes of note include a metal plate behind the screen of the iPod classic, likely to be there so as to avoid cracked screens on device flexing, and of course the thinner hard-drive.  The nano has apparently been liberally glued, making it tough for the MacNN team to get it back together.


Tear-down photos of iPod classic, nano [MacNN]