iPod held for ransom – teen ends up in jail

Abby McVay - Mar 28, 2008

Now kids, it’s time to play good idea, bad idea. Good idea, playfully attempt to get your girlfriend to do a slightly dirty task by holding her iPod for ransom then giving it back as soon as she gives you, the look. Bad idea, stealing an iPod from a female classmate and holding it for actual ransom until she makes a dirty video for you.

A 14 year old genius from Iowa decided to do just that and landed his rear in jail. Wow. Who’d have ever seen that coming? After taking the iPod he placed a note with his email address explaining how the girl could get her iPod back.

Apparently the kid might have stolen two other iPods as well. I know that there is the debate that iPods have raised crime rates and all, but is it making criminals slightly more retarded? Seriously, just get on the internet and find your own porn, it’s not that difficult. You might get a bit of spyware if you’re not careful, but it’s slightly better than jail.

[via crunchgear]

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