iPhoto for iOS updated to version 1.1

Apple has gone update crazy, ladies and gentlemen. Not only did it release iOS 6 and the OS X Mountain Lion update to 10.8.2 today, but it also updated iPhoto for iOS to version 1.1. This new update coincides nicely with the jump to iOS 6, and it comes packing a lot of new features. Hit the jump for some of the highlights along with a full list of added features.

Like the OS X 10.8.2 update before it, the iPhoto v1.1 update brings a few new Facebook-related features with it. Users can now upload videos directly to Facebook and add comments to photos that are posted to the social network. Users can also set their location and tag their friends when they upload a new photo to Facebook, so you can almost immediately let the world know when your friends inevitably do something stupid during a night out on the town.

Users can also take advantage of six new ink effects designed by the folks at Apple, and good news for those of you using an third-gen iPad, as iPhoto now supports images up to 36.5-megapixels – a feature that will also be available on the iPhone 5 when it launches on Friday. Apple has added support for iPod Touch with this latest release, and has included some enhancements to photo journals as well. Take a look at the full list of new features in iPhoto 1.1:

• Added support for iPod touch (4th generation and later)

• Coaching tips have been added to the Help system on the iPhone and iPod touch

• Effects now include six new Apple-designed ink effects such as Chalk and Palette Knife

• Images up to 36.5 megapixels are now supported*

• Full resolution photos can now be imported via iTunes File Sharing

• Tag albums can be created by adding custom tags to photos

• "Updating Library" alert appears less frequently

• Multiple photos can now be saved to the Camera Roll at one time

• Cropping presets now use detected faces to determine composition

• Tilt-shift and gradient effects can now be rotated

• Facebook sharing now supports single sign-on in Settings

• Comments can be added more easily when posting photos to Facebook

• Videos can be uploaded to Facebook

• Locations and friend tags can now be set when posting photos to Facebook

• Comments and locations can be set on individual photos when sharing a group of photos to Facebook

• Any photo previously posted to Facebook can be more easily replaced with a more current version

• A notification is now displayed when an upload to Facebook completes in the background

• Photos can now be shared directly to Cards, iMovie, and other supporting apps

• Journals now include new layout options

• Fonts and alignment of text in journal items can be modified

• New style and color options are available for Note and Memory items in journals

• Journal Note and Memory items can now be resized

• Dividers can be added to break journal pages into sections to control the reflow of layouts

• A new Swap mode makes it easier to change the placement of items in a journal layout

• You can now place a pin on a journal map when no location data is present

• Links to journals can now be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter, and via Messages

• Links to remote journals can now be shared even if the journal was created on another device

• A new Publish Changes button provides control over when to update your journal

• An overlay displaying month and year now appears when scrolling in Photos view

• Photos can now be sorted by date and can be filtered using new criteria

• Photos view now includes a Power Scroll strip for high-speed scrolling

• Grid of thumbnails can now be expanded to multiple rows in portrait orientation

See? We told you that this was a massive update. This update is available now from the App Store, and it should go along with the other updates from today nicely. What do you think of all this added iPhoto functionality? Did Apple deliver the goods with this update or are there more features you're still waiting for?