iPhone X update for Pokemon GO adds top of screen

Today the update for Pokemon GO's iPhone X modification went entirely live for all users. This newest update was announced last week, but wasn't available to all users until today. Users on Android got their chance to get their part of this update last week just before Thanksgiving, as we mentioned at that time.

The list of updates are mostly specific to iPhone X and iPhone 8 – save one massive cut-off. That cut-off is for iOS 8. Every device running iOS 8 and earlier – 7, 6, 5, etcetera – is no longer able to run Pokemon GO. This update is here to weed out the insecurities of that past generation, a generation which no iPhone should still be using today.

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This version of Pokemon GO – version 1.53.2 for iOS – includes support and optimizations for iPhone X. This doesn't mean things are PERFECT just yet. Some users have experienced oddities – like in-game elements appearing MASSIVE at times. Most of the time, everything is A-OK.

Users that already have this update – it's time to get busy. This week contains all the bonuses outlined in the weeklong challenge revealed last week. Sort of like a Thanksgiving challenge, but not named as such. This week – today and on through the week – includes updates which you can find in abundance, right over in our most recent Pokemon GO article (linked above) right now.

Users will find improved load times for all iOS devices, and various bug fixes and performance updates as well. This version of Pokemon GO is available in the Apple app store right this minute for all iPhone devices with iOS 9 and up.