iPhone SE 3 features tipped: Last of a dying breed

The next new lowest-end iPhone was rumored today with a set of features that are likely on their way out. The iPhone SE 3, as it MIGHT be called, will likely have a Touch ID sensor mounted up front, in the home button just like its predecessor. It's also tipped that this very well could be the final LCD iPhone ever made.

The iPhone SE 3 was rumored by MyDrivers to include next-gen features like 5G connectivity and a significantly improved processor – like the Apple-made A15 chip. It's suggested that the iPhone SE 3 will be the final LCD-equipped iPhone of them all.

In other words, it's likely Apple will stop using LCD panels in iPhone devices (and quite possibly ALL devices) after the creation of this new iPhone SE 3 in 2022. Rumors suggest that this new device has a design that is based on the iPhone XR, AKA the best selling phone of the year 2018.

ALSO NOTE: According to Omdia, the iPhone SE (2020) was the second-most shipped smartphone in the world for the entirety of the year 2020. It'll be high time – by the time we reach 2022 – that we get a new version of this critically balanced smartphone.

Previous rumors suggested that the iPhone SE 3 would look nearly identical to its predecessor. That'd match the suggestion that there'll still be a Touch ID sensor and that the device would only get a few key upgrades. The next version will very likely have a variety of color options not unlike those of the iMac – all the colors you could ever want!

Personally, I'm still hoping for a design similar to what we saw back in May of 2021. That concept suggested we'd see a design with a punch hole front-facing camera and a backside with a wide variety of colors – again, like the iMac.