If the next iPhone SE looks like this, count me in

A set of images of a future iPhone appeared this week with some interesting ideas about its potential for color. For those interested in the least expensive pathway to a new iPhone, the iPhone SE seems to remain the key here in 2021. A set of creators in the Apple fan universe created a phone for 2023 that takes the iPhone SE out a whole new door.

The concept work you see here was done by @Aaple_lab, a concept creator and industrial designer the likes of which will likely see big-time work in the future. In this creation, the iPhone SE appears in an array of colors that effectively reflect those released with the most recent iMac. This collection also sports the simplest and most elegant sort of smartphone display outside the under-screen camera.

In place of a larger bezel or a notch, this iPhone SE concept has a single punch hole. Because of the way Apple's claimed their long notch as their own, and because this sort of design already appears in Samsung devices, it's unlikely we'd see such a punch hole in an iPhone – but we can dream!

In the iPhone SE concept we see here, we get a single back-facing camera and a single LED flash in a pill-shaped array. This is also unlikely as an Apple release, as the company's already dedicated to the square. But lets imagine for a moment, here, that Apple threw a bunch of their own design evolution rules out the window and decided to pick this design up.

Can you imagine working with an iPhone such as this? How about if you've never owned an iPhone before, and this iPhone was released for a very reasonable price? What if you could get the same design in Slime Green or Bubblegum Pink? How about if the Apple logo at the back was a Touch ID sensor?