iPhone Quaskidisk app updated for tethering, booted from market

Those of you sticking so close to the iPhone app streets that you can tell that an app is coming before its developer even develops it knew that there was an app by the name of QuasiDisk out there today, one that allowed you to take advantage of tethering from your iPhone. This functionality is now allowed otherwise, so it was assumed early on that this app would, upon being updated to having this ability, be cut down from the market like a kite from a tree. That has happened, but not before thousands of users got ahold of it, fully functional.

This application has until now just been what they've billed it as: a "simple file manager and file viewer." But the developer of this app, Chris Simpson, otherwise known for his development of jailbroken-compatible applications galore, showed a video this week on how you could manipulate the app into allowing you no less than tethering with no hacking at all! Your carrier will not be too thrilled if they find that you've gotten this ability free of charge, as normally such a privilege would cost you an extra couple of 10 dollar bills a month.

The update to this application took place all the way back on Saturday, the 28th of January. The video was released on the 29th of January. The application was up live and available for download until this afternoon, the 30th of January. Happy days for you if you purchased it in time, but know that you'll not be getting any updates to it any time soon. Use it while it works, but also know that it's not necessarily agreeable to your manufacturer (Apple) or your carrier. You'll probably get another couple of days of use out of this before it's patched in one way or another – have fun!

[via youtube]