iPhone prototype theft suspects plead not guilty

Rue Liu - Sep 1, 2011, 4:20pm CDT
iPhone prototype theft suspects plead not guilty

The two suspects involved in the high-profile incident of the stolen iPhone prototype last year have plead not guilty today. Now, don’t confuse this with the similar incident we mentioned yesterday that involved what could be an iPhone 5 prototype left at a bar. That prototype has neither been found nor has the story been officially confirmed.

Last year’s incident involved an Apple engineer accidentally leaving an iPhone 4 prototype at a bar, where it’s believed that the two suspects, Brian Hogan and Robert Sage Wallower, picked up the device and then sold it to Gizmodo editor Jason Chen for $5,000 cash. The incident attracted tons of media attention and involved a raid on Chen’s house and seizure of his computers and hard drives. Charges against Chen have recently been dropped.

These two remaining suspects, Hogan and Wallower were charged with misdemeanor theft with Wallower facing an additional charge of possessing stolen property. However, Wallower has denied having even seen or touched the prototype although he knew who had found it. Hogan’s defense claim, on the other hand, is not known at this point. Trial is scheduled for late November.

[via CNET]

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