iPhone Podcasts app fix in the mix with iOS 14.6 Beta

If you're looking for a fix for your recently mixed-up Podcasts app on your iPhone, you're in luck. In the third Beta release for the software iOS 14.6, a set of features were modified for the Podcasts app. This update adds an option to "remove downloads" and brings the "Mark All As Played" option back to the app.

As noted by Steve Moser of MacRumors, the software gives indication that users may be able to access their "previous library" with this latest version of Podcasts in iOS 14.6 beta 3. This previous library feature seems to point to pre-iOS 14.5 Podcasts library contents.

Users should be able to "Mark All Episodes as Played" with this version – this will "mark every episode of this show as played" if you so so wish. The feature "Remove Downloads" and includes a warning from the app: "Depending on the availability from the publisher, you may not be able to access the item again after deleting."

You will need to be a part of the Beta update program in order to gain access to this version of Podcasts. It's possible – but not guaranteed – that these features and more will appear on a future iteration of the Podcasts app for standard versions of iOS. That's non-Beta versions of iOS in the future, without the need to sign up for the Beta program.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on recent iOS updates and the Podcasts app. It was with the most recent update of iOS that the Podcasts app had some of the most major changes to the basic features of the app since the beginning of the app itself. A slightly more gradual set of changes may be in order.