iPhone N94 Already Has FCC ID, Hints At Dual-Mode

The recently leaked iPhone N94 prototype that could be either the iPhone 5 or the rumored variant iPhone 4S, has been found to have already received an FCC ID, suggesting that it's indeed on the path to launch. The FCC ID also hints that the phone could be dual-mode following rumors that the next-gen iPhone would be a world phone.

The FCC ID was found in the files of the latest iOS 5 beta 7 release, where an image file named Regulatoryinfo-N94AP@2X~iphone.png can be found in the About>Regulatory menu under Settings. The file depicts the FCC label with only a single ID number of BCG-E2430A. In contrast, the iPhone 4 had two such ID numbers, one for its GSM version and another for the CDMA version. This could mean that this iPhone N94 may be a dual-mode variant of the iPhone 4. Perhaps, the iPhone 4S?

The device has not shown up in the FCC database yet, but that's not unusual for entries like these that can be held back as confidential until after a certain period of time or until launch. Details revealed so far by leaked images and from Apple's SDK suggest that the N94 is an A5-based iPhone that looks nearly identical to the iPhone 4. We're hoping that this may be just the iPhone 4S variant and that there will still be an iPhone 5 that's a more dramatic update with a larger screen and thinner profile as shown in leaked photos of what are purported to be iPhone 5 cases.

[via MacRumors]