iPhone most satisfying smartphone but Android users loyal tips research

iPhone owners are most platform loyal, rating their smartphone satisfaction the highest, according to research by Zokem, but existing Android owners are most likely to stick to their platform of choice when buying a new device. That's the results of the latest batch of US stats, which suggest that iPhone and Android see the lowest platform churn among smartphone platforms.

RIM's BlackBerry range takes third place for churn, with Symbian and webOS on the Palm Pre being the most likely to lose users shopping for a new device. Interestingly, in terms of smartphone satisfaction, Samsung's relatively stealthy bada platform came in third behind iPhone and Android; however, it was also one of the highest in terms of churn, suggesting that while users liked the platform, they still intended to jump to a different OS with their next device.

That could fit in with Samsung's positioning of bada as an entry-smartphone platform, or it could be a sign that strong initial sales won't necessarily result in longer-term success for a platform. Zokem also makes no mention of app investment; that is, the likelihood that a user has built up a portfolio of apps on their current platform that won't transfer to a different one, and so is locked into that OS unless they want to start again from scratch.

[via Android Community]