iPhone, iPad, Mac, Services net sales all rocket up in Apple Q1 2021

Today's earnings call for apple showed blockbuster success in basically every respect. If we're looking at net sales by category, Apple's shown growth in iPhone net sales, net sales of iPad, Mac, "Wearables, Home, and Accessories," and Services, both year-over-year and compared to the three months ending just before this quarter, ending in December of 2020.

This quarter's financial results showed iPhone bringing in $65,597 million USD. The same quarter had Mac net sales at $8,675 million and iPad had net sales of $8,435. Net sales for the quarter for Wearables, Home, and Accessories were $12,971 million, while Services rang up to $15,761 million.

This same quarter last year showed Apple with $55,957 million in net sales for iPhone, $7,160 million for Mac, and $5,977 million for iPad. Wearables, Home, and Accessories had a net sales of $10,101 million for the quarter, and Services racked up $12,715 million.

While Apple brought in a $91,819 million in net sales for this quarter last year, this year's net sales ramped up to $111,439 million. Almost impossibly, Apple had the same net sales in this quarter last year as it did for their quarter that ended in September of 2020. Both net sales came in at $91,819 million USD.

The rise VS this quarter last year might've been expected, given the rise of COVID-19, but remember: This quarter's results end in December of 2020. As such, this same quarter last year is Apple's three months that end in December of 2019. That's right up to but not including the point at which COVID-19 forced the world into quarantine. Once we see Apple's next earnings report (in another three months), we'll REALLY start to see some bang-up growth year-over-year.