iPhone gets solid details courtesy of Diggnation

Chris Davies - Dec 3, 2006

Oh sweet geeks, always so keen to show they know what’s going on behind closed doors that they spill the beans on products we’re all scratching our hair out waiting for. Today it’s the turn of Kevin Rose who used Diggnation Episode 74 to leak some juicy details about Apple’s “we all know it’s coming, just give it to us dammit!” iPhone.

According to the hat-wearing Mac-lover and his “solid” source, the iPhone will…

  • Come out in January
  • Be supported by all major network providers
  • Be “small as sh*t”
  • Kevin doesn’t know anything about the Operating System – he only saw it turned off
  • …but the OS is supposed to be “cool”
  • Apple is doing some “unique things”
  • It has two batteries and one charger. One battery for MP3 portion and one for Phone.
  • 4GB ($249) and 8GB ($449)
  • Uses Flash memory,
  • Has a Slide out keyboard
  • Possibly a touch screen

Video after the jump!


Check out the segment on Google Video, or the full piece at the link below.

Diggnation [via MYiPhone]

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