iPhone firmware 2.01 video tested: far faster 3G web browsing

Apple have announced firmware version 2.01 for the iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod Touch, and while we wouldn't normally get too excited over cellphone software updates here at SlashGear, this one does seem to significantly improve the handset.  Over at iPhone Buzz, Vincent has shot a side-by-side video of this new firmware versus the old software, loading different websites over WiFi and 3G.  The difference is amazing, with 3G rendering particularly improved.

He's noticing improvements in 3G call quality, too, and the SMS app has got faster.  No more lagging keyboard.  Handset backup once connected to iTunes is apparently faster also.  Other claimed improvements include a more responsive Contacts app and general improvements using the on-screen keyboard.

You can install the 2.01 software by hooking your iPhone or iPod Touch up to iTunes and pressing "Update".  Alternatively, use these direct links for the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G.