iPhone ARider head-up GPS display for bikers [Video]

The addition of a digital compass to the iPhone 3GS has turned it into an essential city navigation tool for many pedestrians, but what if you're more commonly found on a bike?  Japanese firm Ubiquitous Entertainment have put together a prototype called iPhone ARider, which uses a retractable head-mounted display and a 3GS to show live navigation to a biker.Video demo after the cut

The iPhone 3GS is mounted on top of a helmet, and uses its GPS and digital compass to fix a position.  Meanwhile the display – a Scalar T3-A – shows the same mapping data in the corner of the rider's eye.  The setup also allows for hands-free calls, via a Bluetooth headset, and Twitter notifications.

The mapping app used is actually a custom one, rather than Google Maps or anythign from the App Store, specially designed to work with the T3-A eyepiece.  Of course, the iPhone 3GS is pretty precarious up on top of the helmet, so we're glad this is just a prototype.

[via Core77]