iPhone 7 Space Grey to be transformed into something darker

A new color for the iPhone will likely be introduced this year to match that of the Apple Watch tone with no companion. As it has been in the past, so too shall it be in the future: Apple's many device lines will match. Today's tip suggests that the color "Space Gray" will no longer be in operation with the iPhone 7, instead being updated or "transformed" into a darker tone, something like Space Black.

This color has been a long time coming. After releasing the iPhone 5 and 4 and every iPhone before it in black, Apple's smartphone lineup has been a bit bright. Too bright for many, many who've decided to encase their devices in black cases, dark gray cases, and the like. Now's the time to move back to the darker tones.

Take for example the iPhone 6s Black Silicone Case. This case is black, masking the lighter tones of the device without said case.

It's like any one of a million other cases, cases that mask the color of the iPhone from the world. Mask the back, at least.

So what's the point? If you're just going to cover up the back of the iPhone – and the sides, of course – why would you ever consider picking one color over another when you're purchasing the phone in the first place?

Because new.

And because matching.

This "Space Black" rumor comes not long after word that there might be a Dark Blue option for the iPhone 7. We got a good look at what that a Dark Blue iPhone 7 might look like, too, thanks to a set of Blue iPhone 7 images from Martin Hajek back on the 13th of June. Have a peek and let us know which model you'd prefer.

Then fast-forward to 2017 when the real mind-blowing iPhone will be appearing. That's when the real changes come. That's when we start to see big changes in the iPhone.