iPhone 7 may be self-healing T-1000 waterproof

A self-healing elastomer has been revealed by an early license listing by Apple for future smart devices, possibly headed to the iPhone 7. The next-generation smartphone may very well benefit from what Apple describes as a "self-healing elastomer may obscure the electronic connectors from the user as well as provide environmental protection for the connector and the electronic device." This will assist in waterproofing the smartphone, something Apple has already begun working towards in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

No, this isn't a hoax. This isn't like that time back when iOS 7 was released and a couple of jokesters created some real-looking fake advertisements to show how the software upgrade would bring your iPhone up to full waterproof certification compliance.

iPhone waterproof hoax goes viral: lesson learned

Instead, it's a bit of information that spawns from Apple's real listing of patent and trademark information listed with the US government (USPTO). What Apple wants to do is implement a system that'd be able to allow "electronic probes [to] temporarily penetrate the self-healing elastomer to mate with the electronic connector. After removal of the probes the self-healing elastomer may elastically reform and self-heal."

That means that, while the power connector (for example) is not exposed to any water that'd attempt to get at it when you drop the phone in your toilet, your power connector would easily be able to penetrate and power the device up. Easy as pie.

Once your done powering the device up, your power cord's connectors pull out and the self-healing material returns to its original protective fullness. Which reminds us very much of a certain futuristic organic metallic bad guy, of course.

For more information on the possibilities with the iPhone 7 ready to be released next year, have a peek at the timeline below!