iPhone 7 and an Apple Watch: a monstrous creation

Today a new concept has arisen showing what the iPhone 7 could be if Apple absolutely lost its mind and decided to retrofit Apple Watch features to it. What you're about to see is a monster. A Dr. Frankenstein's creation made with the most iconic pieces of the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. What reason would there be for a digital crown to be on a smartphone? Who cares? Let's just make it a reality with absolute wild abandon for all things sleek and useful!

When Apple revealed the Apple Watch with its digital crown controller, it made sense. The display is small, and though you can touch it, it makes sense to have a scroll wheel sort of piece of hardware to move through it.

With the iPhone you've got a really, really big touchscreen. It's proven and it works.

That wasn't enough for designer Antonio De Bosa. He decided that the next iPhone, which they've so carefully endowed with the name "iPhone 7," would need to have a digital crown of its own. For no good reason.

It's "a new level of control," they say. It's "a giant leap forward," they suggest.

"The challenge to improve something that is already perfect," they say, "that is the approach used to design the new Apple Phone."

Of course they HAVE gotten rid of the home button, making this device into a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. This device also has a "Watch Mode," which makes just about as much sense as anything else in the design. Brilliant.